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Irie Way is your local and international one stop shop for Artistry makeup, fragrances and jewels. We are registered Independent Business Owners of the Amway industry. (#6017443)

Artistry is among the top 5 selling prestige brands in the world along with Estée Lauder, Lancôme, Clinique and Shiseido based on a EuroMonitor study of global 2005 sales. Artistry is the best selling cosmetics and skin care brand in direct sales today.

The Artistry headquarters are situated in Ada, Michigan, USA. Artistry has over 250 patents and 500 scientists, engineers and technicians, producing over 400 products.

Currently, the Artistry skin care consists of four lines; Time Defiance, Essentials, Pure White and Creme L/X (or called Creme Luxury in Europe) as well as a cosmetics line.

Kim Tyo is currently the face of Artistry.*

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